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Loyalty Program


Dear guests and partners!

You have a unique opportunity to get special privileges for you and your business. The Don-Plaza company is glad to present you with an exclusive club card that allows you to take advantage of special terms applied to the whole range of services offered by our company.

Get your card in three easy steps:

  1. Fill in the form on our website.
  2. Take your card at any time you like.
  3. Enjoy privileges.

Joining the Don-Plaza Club, you can:

  • Receive information about new services and special offers.
  • Take part in the presentations of new menus given by the Mein-Herz, Amadeus; restaurants where you can be the first to sample delicious dishes made by our chefs.

The Don-Plaza Club members are offered:

  • Special price for some Don-Plaza services.
  • Special price for monthly specials at the Mein-Herz restaurants, lobby-bar Amadeus.

The Don-Plaza Club cards give you a discount on the following services:

  1. The Congress Hotel — the discount is given only on hotel accommodation
  2. The Aztec, Mein-Herz, Amadeus restaurants — the discount is given on all the services provided by the restaurants
  3. The Intourist Confectionery - the discount is given on all the services.

We are looking forward to your emails.

Please note that special offers can not be used in conjunction with discount cards.

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